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Still Alive

Still Alive 01

Still Alive 01

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The first issue of Still Alive magazine.

Huw Baines on Keith Morris; Bradley Babendir on Clint Eastwood; Tim Fernholz on Buzz Aldrin; Michael Galinsky on the American mall (with photos!); Jeremy Gordon on Margaret Court; Kristen Iskandrian on Joan Baez; Reed Jackson on Willie Nelson; Alicia Kennedy on Patchogue, Long Island; Kate Knibbs on Tippi Hedren; Josh Lieberman on the grandson of President John Tyler; Colin MyIrea on Liliana Cavani; Gabriella Paiella on Jonathan the Tortoise; Nicholas Russell on Michael Richards; Alex Shephard on Chubby Checker; Sarah Weinman on Bob Newhart Plus art by: Eric Hanson, Kees Holterman, Steve Keene, John McKie, Michaela Medea and Sarah Mari Shaboyan

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