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Still Alive Magazine

Still Alive 03

Still Alive 03

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Featuring Elisabeth Donnelly on Ellen Burstyn; Tim Fernholz on Smokey Robinson; Adam Fleming Petty on Ted Turner; Eric Hanson on R. O. Blechman; Sarah Healy on Edna O’Brien; Katy Hershberger on Spicy Mildred; A. Natasha Joukovsky on Prom; Johannes Lichtman on Milan Kundera; John Maher on La Pizza Napoletana; Terry Nguyễn on Paris by Night; Christopher J. Norton on Tom Oberheim; Jason Novak on Justine Frischmann; Greta Rainbow on Lenin in Seattle; Rachel Vorona Cote on Kinky Friedman; and a poem by Anne Carson. Plus, an exclusive Operation Iraqi Freedom All-Stars supplement including: Reed Jackson on Ann Coulter, Daniel Kolitz on Paul Wolfowitz, Jameson Rich on Dick Cheney, and two Get Your War On comics by David Rees.

This is a pre-order, and will ship in July.

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